Who We Are

And Why You Matter

we're caregivers like you.

believe it, we understand.

and to borrow a phrase, it takes a village to bring you caregivinghope:

  • publisher: richard lippman is a marketing specialist and photographer who turned his skills to creating a unique caregiver resource after he became a caregiver himself in 2007. read rich's caregiving journey here.
  • editor and caringcast docent: natalie windsor is a newswoman, teacher and author who has also been a para-chaplain since 1987. she dedicates her contributions to tante gussie, jack and sue riemer, michael signer and zelda. read natalie's welcoming message here.
  • caringcast docent: silvie ward is a professional actor, improvisor and improv teacher. she had the honor and privilege of caring for her parents—the hardest experience of her life—but she wouldn't trade it for anything.
  • logo designer: greg gersch spent over four years caregiving for his dad, and recalls his desire for fresh air, sunlight, open space and nature. the seagull soaring above symbolizes a time of happy memories at the beach—where land meets earth meets sea—and the greater perspect