Frequently Asked Questions

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caregiving is full of unanswered questions—the very reason this website shouldn't be. just click your question, and the answer will appear:

what is a "caringcast?"

a caringcast is a brief, gently spoken micro-podcast of information and inspiration, that you can listen to whenever you like, day or night. you're invitied to click "browse caringcasts," below, to find all published editions.

how can I receive caringcasts?

one-step sign-up is right here. we look forward to welcoming you.

is there ever any charge for caringcasts?

there is never any charge, today and forever.

how soon will I receive your inaugural caringcast?

we’re working on it. because we want you to have the best, we’re fine-tuning informational, technical and emotional issues daily. if you haven't yet asked us to email you caringcasts, tell us where to reach you, and you’ll be among the first to hear our inaugural edition.

I'm new at this—how does a caringcast work?

it's easy: click here to see all our recent caringcasts. select one that interests you, click it, then look for the "listen now" button in the center of the photograph. now just sit back and listen (make sure your volume is on!).

how safe is my email address with you?

we fully protect your email address, and never share it with anyone without your permission. you will never receive unwanted junk email ("spam") from us.

I clicked "subscribe"—why didn't anything happen?

did you reply to the subscription acknowledgment email we sent you? look for it in your inbox, then click the "confirm" link you'll find there. we can't send you any caringcasts until you complete this step.

note: some computers mistakenly send good emails to a junk/spam file, so look in your spam file to make sure our confirm email didn't end up in there—then look in your email program's "help" menu for any instructions to keep us from ending up as spam again.

if you can't find our acknowledgement email, you may have mis-typed your email address originally. try again here.


what if I wish to stop receiving caringcasts?

we’ll miss you! simply click the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any email from us, and we'll take care of it right away.

why does your site look odd on my computer?

you may be using an outdated internet "browser," like microsoft explorer 6

upgrading internet explorer is free and highly recommended. if you are uncertain, please ask a knowledgea